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Resume tips from the pros

This article published by the Harvard Business Review online gives some great advice on how to craft your resume ‘story.’

It’s great advice and makes perfect sense. If you build your resume like a news story or compelling novel with a strong hook, a strong plot line, and you as the hero, who wouldn’t want to hire you?

Sound a little overwhelming or maybe like a little too much effort as opposed to just listing your job history and skill set?

Red Pen Prose can help! Our staff writers can craft your resume to be the ‘page turner’ you need to land your dream job.

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Perception in Editing

Whether your writing is meant for a professional audience or simply to entertain, there is a perception in every way we form a sentence that can change the meaning for every individual who reads it.

I took a picture of this punctuated road sign in my neighborhood while I was walking this afternoon, and thought it was a perfect example.

I’ve had this conversation previously and some believe this particular road sign gives an incorrect message to drivers. I do not claim to be smarter than anyone else, and I always say “only those who are perfect have the right to judge,” however, I do think there are differences in the perception of this particular street sign, and it may not be a question of whether it is grammatically correct.

To some, “Slow Children” implies that there Punctuating road signsare slow children in the surrounding area, when truly, what the sign is conveying is, “Slow down. Don’t speed. There are children living and playing here and we want to keep them safe.”

Adding the comma, as this person chose to do, may change the connotation of “slow children” to the command, “slow, children” indicating that ‘slow’ is the verb, rather than an adjective. Some might argue, the proper punctuation would be a period. Slow. This is a sentence in itself, with the subject (you) implied and the verb completing the sentence. But then, are we telling the drivers or the children to slow? Come on, it’s a road sign. Its audience is implied by its presence. It wasn’t meant for 3-year-old pedestrians.

In conclusion, when writing, always remember your audience and their perception of your message. Grammar and punctuation are important, but what is critical is that we slow down, and understand what’s really being said.

Social Media

IMG_3212If you ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you I never intended to have a social media presence. In fact, I intentionally avoided and abhorred it. But I also never intended to be a mother who lost a child. If I could have avoided that too, believe me, I would have.

I am a changed person from the one I was just months ago. I still believe that Facebook can be a narcissistic way of expression and toxic to its followers. I still think that posting pictures at rapid fire speed of ourselves and our children is self indulgent and dangerous.

But I have also done a lot of reflecting and writing through my short journey of parenting and this never-ending tsunami I call grief. And I’m starting to think that maybe my thoughts and conclusions could potentially help others suffering similar difficulties.

So I am making the leap into social media. I realize it’s a very small step for most people who already have multiple accounts on several platforms. This is my first.

To those who choose to follow these posts; thank you for listening. My hope is that if even one person can feel one ounce of hope from my story, then it has been worth sharing.

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