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Resume tips from the pros

This article published by the Harvard Business Review online gives some great advice on how to craft your resume ‘story.’

It’s great advice and makes perfect sense. If you build your resume like a news story or compelling novel with a strong hook, a strong plot line, and you as the hero, who wouldn’t want to hire you?

Sound a little overwhelming or maybe like a little too much effort as opposed to just listing your job history and skill set?

Red Pen Prose can help! Our staff writers can craft your resume to be the ‘page turner’ you need to land your dream job.

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Constructive criticism and creativity collide.

At Red Pen Prose, we take command of the English language for you.

If you want assurance that your written materials are error-free and grammatically correct, we are here to help.

* Resumes/Cover Letters

* College Application Essays

* Short Stories/Novels

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