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Live happy

It takes too much energy to be angry. It’s exhausting being sad all the time. I just wish I could live happy.

It’s not just a wish. It’s a goal. I want to live happy. I try to achieve it every day.

I strive for happiness by surrounding myself with positive, good-hearted, selfless people. I try to live with purpose. My job means more than just a paycheck and I hope to make a difference on this Earth or in the lives of others with my work.

I try to listen rather than hear. I try to contribute rather than exist. I try.

I always try. Sometimes, just trying and making a conscious effort to be good is all it takes to make me feel happy.

I want to live happy. For me, for my angel in Heaven, and for all my angels here on Earth that believe I can. I will live happy.image


Social Media

IMG_3212If you ask anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you I never intended to have a social media presence. In fact, I intentionally avoided and abhorred it. But I also never intended to be a mother who lost a child. If I could have avoided that too, believe me, I would have.

I am a changed person from the one I was just months ago. I still believe that Facebook can be a narcissistic way of expression and toxic to its followers. I still think that posting pictures at rapid fire speed of ourselves and our children is self indulgent and dangerous.

But I have also done a lot of reflecting and writing through my short journey of parenting and this never-ending tsunami I call grief. And I’m starting to think that maybe my thoughts and conclusions could potentially help others suffering similar difficulties.

So I am making the leap into social media. I realize it’s a very small step for most people who already have multiple accounts on several platforms. This is my first.

To those who choose to follow these posts; thank you for listening. My hope is that if even one person can feel one ounce of hope from my story, then it has been worth sharing.

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