Constructive criticism and creativity collide.

Proofread: To detect and mark errors.

Edit: To revise and correct.

Do you need a proofreader or editor? Take the Red Pen Prose quiz and find out…

True or False?

  1. I am a job-seeker looking to improve my resume.Question mark
  2. I am having a tough time creating an effective cover letter that leads to job interviews.
  3. I own a business and send  clients frequent or detailed written communication.
  4. I am applying to colleges and want my essays to be as strong as possible.
  5. I create presentations for large and small audiences, but I am not very good at paying attention to the details.
  6. I have a ‘math mind’ and spellcheck is the only way I edit.
  7. The most writing I do is text messaging. Now I have a project where content, grammar and spelling matter, and I am lost.

If you answered ‘True‘ to any of these questions, you may need a Red Pen Prose proofreader or editor.

At Red Pen Prose, we take command of the English language for you.

Resumes/Cover Letters  *  College Admissions Essays

Short Stories/Novels * Proposals/Presentations

Request a quote.


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