E-Book Review – A Letter to President Trump on Crime Control


Whether you’re a political activist, presidential critic, or get your dose of news from the E! network, like me, I would recommend reading this brief, but poignant, recently published E-book, A Letter to President Trump on Crime Control by Mark Davis. You may not have a social science background, or spend much time thinking about America’s justice system, but chances are, there is a topic in this literature that personally affects your life, or that of those close to you.

While it isn’t a direct criticism of the current presidency, it does offer our elected leader a unique perspective on how his current approach to crime control could improve, and how, as a nation, there are justifiable and conceivable approaches to justice that don’t require mass deportation, or the Queen of Hearts ordering, “Off with their heads!”

As a parent of a young child, what most interested me was that Davis’ perspective seems to take an approach that could have a lasting solution, and create an improved nation, not just for this presidential term, but for the foreseeable future.

While serious in nature, it’s also humorous and witty, and for the cost of less than a half a gallon of gas (only $0.99 on Amazon), why not give it read?