Mistakes matter

I consider myself a ‘grammar geek.’ I love searching and finding errors in publications, signage, articles – any words I read I consider a test to see if I can find something wrong.

Not long ago, I found a typo on a floor decal placed at the mall, leading the way to the Easter Bunny. That error may have been noticed by very few patrons, especially because the target audience was under seven, but it turns out, spelling and grammar mistakes in a company’s Web site can actually leave a very bad impression.

In a recent study discussed in the article 6 Tools That Save You From Embarrassing Writing Mistakes published in Inc., up to 59% of readers are turned off when they see errors in spelling and grammar.

The article goes on to give some great tips on catching those errors before they’re posted. But, if you’re looking for some grammar geeks who pride themselves in correcting the written word, look no further than Red Pen Prose.

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